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The Mushroom Dispensary is dedicated to providing access to microdoses of high-quality psilocybe mushrooms for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Founded in 2019 by Dana Larsen, who also founded The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in 2007.

We are currently a mail-order only dispensary. We plan on opening a storefront in Vancouver this summer.


Psilocybe is the name for the psychoactive mushroom commonly known as “magic mushrooms.” At strong dosages they can produce a “high” which can include mild hallucinations, increases in insight and empathy, reduction in fear and anxiety, and feelings of emotional release.

We are beginning with low-potency “microdoses” only, and starting with just one strain of psilocybe mushrooms called Golden Teacher. This variety is known to work well for therapeutic purposes.


A “microdose” means ingesting a tiny amount of a psychoactive substance, like a psilocybe mushroom, at a dosage small enough to produce therapeutic benefits without any kind of noticeable psychedelic effects.

Taking this low dosage twice a week can often produce improvements in mood, sleep patterns, and well-being, with a reduction in headaches, anxiety, and problematic substance use.

A typical dose of psilocybe mushrooms for psychedelic purposes would be between 1000mg and 3000mg of dried mushroom. A microdose is much smaller, between 1% and 10% of an active dose, typically in the range of 25mg to 100mg.

We have capsules available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg doses, and will work with you to determine your appropriate dose level. Our goal is to provide therapeutic benefits without any noticeable psychoactive effects.


We will only provide psilocybe products to patients who have a documented medical need and become members of our dispensary.