1. Is this legal?

    Just like a medical cannabis dispensary, a medical psilocybe microdose dispensary is in the grey area of the law. We believe that providing access to psilicybe for medical purposes is legal, and that we have the same legal protections enjoyed by cannabis dispensaries before the legal access system for cannabis was created. We are working with lawyers to have this legality proven in court. However, according to the CDSA it is not legal to provide psilocybe mushrooms of any dosage for any reason.

    Regardless, since we are providing psilocybe only for strict medical purposes, and since we are only providing non-psychoactive microdoses, we are hoping that police will consider us a low priority for enforcement. However, just like with a cannabis dispensary, there is some legal risk for us to provide this service.

  2. How much does it cost?

    We charge a $10 fee to process your membership application. We charge a $20 shipping fee per order. We normally send a 6 week supply per order. A 6 week supply will typically cost between $70 and $120, depending on dosage.

  3. How do I become a member?

    We currently operate only by mail order. Click here for membership information.

  4. What are the benefits of psilocybe microdoses?

    Benefits can include reduced anxiety, reduced stress, improvement in sleep patterns, improvement in mood, reduced substance use, reduction in cluster headaches, reduction in migraine headaches, increase in focus, increase in creativity. Some users find that microdoses can provide pain relief.

  5. What are the risks of psilocybe microdoses?

    Psilocybe is non-toxic and cannot kill by overdose. Microdoses are generally very safe. Taking a microdose in the evening can disrupt sleep patterns in some users.

    However, taking too high of a dose of psilocybe can cause feelings of discomfort, increased anxiety, disruption in mood and cognitive impairment. Usually you would need a dose 10x or higher than a microdose to feel these effects. At very high dosages risks can also include hallucinations, paranoia and rarely a temporary drug-induced psychosis.

    At microdose levels there should be no driving impairment. However, do not drive until you are used to effects of microdosing and your optimal dosage has been determined, and do not drive if feeling impaired or uncomfortable in any way. There are also risks around accidental use by children and pets. Store your capsules in a safe location.

  6. How can I find out more about psilocybe microdosing?

    Please visit our archive of magazine articles, scientific studies and psilocybe advocacy organizations.