Here are some links for further reading and research about psilocybe mushrooms and microdosing.

How One Year of Microdosing Helped My Career, Relationships, and Happiness

Better Humans, September 2017

“My perspective on psychedelics quickly changed, and they became a vehicle for greater self-reflection and awareness. Psychedelics appealed to me in their ability to work through painful emotions of the past.”

Psilocybin, the Active Ingredient in ’Shrooms, Is Looking More and More Like a Potential Wonder Drug

The Cut, December 2016

“In a surprising number of cases, a single dose of psilocybin can lead to lasting improvements to mental health and the abatement of serious psychological issues.”

How to have a better death with psilocybin mushrooms

Third Wave, January 2017

“Recently, psychiatrists and therapists have turned to the classic psychedelic psilocybin as a potential salve for end-of-life anxiety. Psychiatrists have known for half a century that classic psychedelics often provide a new perspective on life, as a result of the peak/mystical experience.”

Everything You Wanted To Know About Microdosing (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Huffington Post, January 2016

“Fadiman is examining the effects of administering psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin in amounts so small that they are below the perceptual threshold. As part of an ongoing research project, Fadiman is collecting the self-reported testimonies of hundreds of people from around the globe.”

Why I Take Psychedelic Mushrooms For My Health

Refinery 29, December 2015

“I’m on mushrooms right now. Just a small amount, about half the size of my pinky nail. I’m not hallucinating or anything, but for the past couple of months, I’ve been taking a regular, tiny dose of psilocybin ‘shrooms every few days. And life has never been better. It’s called “microdosing” — and, so far, it’s been awesome.”

How and why people ‘microdose’ tiny hits of psychedelic drugs

CBC News, August 2018:

“They found that microdosers scored higher on both creativity and wisdom, and lower on negative emotionality and dysfunctional attitude tied to depression and anxiety.”

I Reset My Brain with Magic Mushrooms

Medium, May 2018

“If someone said you could take a simple drug that in five hour’s time would not only reset your brain, erasing years of depressive and anxious feelings, but also generally lift your mood, seemingly permanently, would you do it? I did.”

Microdosing’s Micromoment: Guide and Explainer

The Cut, May 2018

“Consuming crumb-size amounts of psychedelics — not to get high but to feel more focused and creative and present — has moved a tiny bit mainstream.”

Magic mushroom chemical psilocybin could be key to treating depression

The Guardian, December 2016

“Immediate reduction in depression and anxiety for up to eight months seen in patients with advanced cancer given a single dose of psilocybin.”

Scientists Are Starting to Test Claims about “Microdosing”

Scientific American, August 2018

“Dennis van der Meijden isn’t aiming to see the face of God, feel one with the cosmos, grasp the hidden reality of time and space, or embark on a sacred journey. What the Dutch graphic designer, producer, and rapper wants — and gets — from his twice-weekly ‘microdoses’ of psilocybin is more modest.”

New Study on Microdosing Psychedelics Shows Why Scientists Are Excited

Alternet, November 2018

“A pair of Canadian researchers have just completed a study comparing people who microdose—the act of taking very small quantities of psychedelic drugs such as LSD or magic mushrooms—with those who don’t. They found that microdosers scored higher on key measures of mental health and well-being.”

Microdosers Are More Creative With Happier Emotions, Study Finds

Vice, November 2018

“Two PhD students in Ontario conducted one of the first-ever studies on microdosing. They found that some of what microdosers rave about seems to hold true.

Magic mushroom users eager to talk

CBC News, February 2018

“Shaw expects to have results of her survey within a few months, but she has been struck by the overwhelming positive and sometimes transformative experiences with magic mushrooms that people have described to her”

The renaissance in psychedelic science is here!

Globe & Mail, June 2018

“Researchers are examining the potential of drugs like LSD and psilocybin – recreational drugs mostly associated with the 1960s counterculture – to act as psycho-therapeutic tools in the treatment of severe addictions, end-of-life anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Truth be told, many of the new findings are in fact old discoveries.”

Vancouver forges new paths in revival of psychedelic research

Georgia Straight, January 2018

“The B.C. Centre on Substance Use has assembled a team that’s positioning Vancouver as a global force in investigating mind-altering drugs for the treatment of addiction and mental disorders.”

A Radical New Approach to Beating Addiction

Psychology Today, May 2017

“Psychedelic drugs are in the vanguard of treatment for addiction, raising the paradoxical question of how one mind-altering substance can override dependence on another.”