All members are expected to read and abide by the Code of Conduct. Violations can result in immediate and permanent loss of services.


We will work with individual members to determine the proper dosage and regimen for maximum benefits.

Typically we will recommend taking a microdose two times a week. If you have a typical workweek, then we usually recommend taking your first weekly dose on Saturday morning and your second weekly dose late Tuesday afternoon. This schedule allows you to take your microdoses in situations where you are likely to be at home and able to be aware of any unwanted effects.

The body quickly develops a tolerance for psilocybe. Taking psilocybe too often produces a rapidly diminishing effect. If you take a dose every day, the effect will be greatly reduced. This is why it is important to space out each dose by at least 2 days to ensure maximum benefits. We recommend the twice-weekly schedule as it is easy to remember and work into a routine.

We will review your regimen after six weeks. Some users prefer to take a temporary or permanent break after six weeks. Others prefer to continue use.


We will usually start patients on a low dose of 50mg psilocybe mushroom and then increase the dose to the appropriate level. Depending on body weight and other factors, the typical user will settle on a microdose level between 75mg and 125mg.

We usually limit purchases to a six week supply, which is 12 doses.


Psilocybe is non-toxic. Like cannabis, it is effectively impossible to die from a psilocybe overdose. A lethal dose would require eating several kilos of mushrooms at once. However, dosages of psilocybe over 1000mg can produce profound psychedelic effects.

At microdose levels psilocybe will not have any noticeable psychedelic effect and is considered one of the very safest drugs there is.

However, because psilocybe interacts with the serotonin system, you should exercise caution when combining psilocybe with other serotonergic substances.

While larger doses of psilocybe are psychedelic and will definitely impair driving, microdoses should not affect your ability to drive or perform other tasks. However, we urge extreme caution and no driving for 4 hours after taking any microdoses during the first four weeks of your program, as we adjust your dosage to the appropriate level.


This information is just for a general overview. Once you’re a member, we will work to find the right dosage and regimen for you.