We currently operate only by mail-order. To become a member, please read this page and prepare the needed information, then click here to fill out our online membership form.

We have two kinds of membership.

A basic membership only requires proof that you are an adult. This membership allows purchase of mushroom microdoses.

A medical membership requires proof of a medical condition. This membership allows purchase of both microdoses and high-dose mushroom products.

Canada only

This service is for Canadians only. We cannot ship to other countries.

All members must abide by our Code of Conduct.

You must read and abide by our Code of Conduct. Violation of the code can result in immediate and permanent loss of services.

For a Basic Membership, you just need to provide a photo of your ID.

We need your ID to confirm that you are an adult identity. We do not keep it on file and delete the image.

For a Medical Membership, we need just one of the following:

  • Recommendation for psilocybe from a doctor, naturopath or TCM practitioner.
  • Letter of confirmation of your diagnosis from a doctor, naturopath or TCM practitioner.
  • Other documentation confirming your diagnosis.
    (Prescription bottles, doctor’s note, insurance forms, etc.)

Confirmation of Diagnosis

Below are the conditions for which confirmation of diagnosis is accepted. For some of these ailments, the psilocybe microdoses may provide direct relief. For others, they may provide relief from ailment-related anxiety and stress.

Ailments for which psilocybe microdoses can be a direct treatment:

Anxiety Disorder
Cluster Headaches
Sleep Disorders
Substance Addiction/Withdrawal

Ailments for which we may provide psilocybe microdoses to treat associated anxiety and stress:

Multiple Sclerosis
Pain – Chronic
Severe or terminal illness

If you suffer from an ailment not on this list but feel that microdoses of psilocybe could be beneficial, please contact us.