We provide psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in capsules, chocolates and plain dried form, for therapeutic purposes.

We are now also providing liquid LSD and DMT vape cartridges. See below and also see the “User Guide and Warnings” page for more information.


We carry three strains of psilocybe mushrooms by mail order. More varieties are available at our storefront.


All of our microdose products are made with Golden Teacher. Most therapeutic variety; enhances spiritual awareness. Promotes compassion, forgiveness, love, pleasure, positivity, closed eye visuals. Reliable trip, medium potency. Users report psychologically beneficial enlightening experiences. Some visual and physical effects. Recommended for first time users.


Especially visual with both open and closed eye visual potential, known for its geometrical patterns and dancing lights. Increased synesthesia potential (the blending of different senses), increased energy and positive feelings, overall emotional awareness.


Also known as Penis Envy. One of the strongest and hard hitting strains. Some users report deeply mystical experiences, profound introspection and philosophical thoughts. Distinctly vivid visuals. Exceptionally euphoric. Not recommended for first time users.

ALACABENZI (only available in chocolate)

Delivers an altered reality that produces more physical and spatial effects, with relaxing head and body sensations at smaller doses, and more significant “Tripping” at higher doses. An excellent choice for beginners who might be wary of an overly intense hallucinogenic journey.


MICRODOSE CAPSULES: We provide capsules which contain standardized microdoses of Goldeen Teacher psilocybe mushroom in a neutral base.

We have two kinds of capsules. One is made with a spirulina base in a standard pharmaceutical capsule. The other uses a neutral oat flour base and vegan capsules. All capsules are gluten-free.

Both capsules come in four strengths. 12.5mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. (This number refers to the amount of dried mushroom in the capsule.)

We find that most people report benefits with doses in the range of 75mg to 150mg, taken twice a week.

12.5mg = $0.75
25mg = $1.30
50mg = $2.50
100mg = $4

A compassionate price discount is available upon request.


We also provide higher-dose mushroom products intended for psychedelic-level experiences. Please be cautious when using these products and treat them with awareness and respect.

CHOCOLATES: We have vegan chocolates which contain 1000mg (one gram) of dried mushroom.

DRIED MUSHROOMS: We have whole dried mushrooms. These can be eaten directly, made into tea, or ground up and blended with something like chocolate or peanut butter.

1g Golden Teacher = $9
1g Transkei = $10
1g McKenna = $11

14g Golden Teacher = $112
14g Transkei = $126
14g McKenna = $140

1g Golden Teacher = $16
1g Transkei = $17
1g McKenna = $18

8x 1g Golden Teacher = $120
8x 1g Transkei = $128
8x 1g McKenna = $136

A compassionate price discount is available upon request.


We now provide liquid LSD for microdosing purposes.

LSD is measured in micrograms, which is written like this: µg.

A typical LSD microdose is between 8µg and 16µg. (A typical psychedelic dose of LSD is 100µg.)

We sell amber dropper bottles which contain 240µg LSD dissolved into 30ml of distilled water with a small amount pure alcohol.

This equals 8µg LSD per 1ml dropper. The dropper is marked at 0.5ml and 1ml for easy dosing.

We recommend the same microdosing schedule as with mushrooms: one dose every three days or twice a week.

LSD degrades in the presence of light and heat, so the bottle is best stored in a dark, cool place. It can be stored for at least six months before use.

For more dosing information please see the “User Guide and Warnings” page.

$45 per bottle

A compassionate price discount is available upon request.


DMT is short for dimethyltryptamine – an extremely potent psychedelic.

There are two main forms of inhalable DMT, they are called NN-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. They have similar effects in some ways but are quite different in others. We are prodiving NN-DMT.

Effects vary and can include intense visual hallucintions, shifting perspectives, new insights, intense emotions, feelings of euphoria, synesthesia and sensual enhancement. Some people report reduced anxiety and stress after using these substances.

Negative effects can sometimes include dysphoria, non-responsiveness, fear, panic, confusion, loss of body control, dissociation and nausea.

Our DMT cartridges are made synthetically and are chemically pure. The carts are made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, ingredients found in most THC and nicotine vape pens. There is high-quality flavouring to mask the unpleasant taste of DMT. There is no Vitamin E added.


NN-DMT is the main active ingredient in Ayahuasca. It can be extracted from plants such as Psychotria viridis or Mimosa hostilis. When people say “DMT” they usually mean NN-DMT.

EFFECTS: A strong dose produces intense visual hallucinations, colorful fractal images, feelings of being in another world. Some people report feeling that they are communicating with friendly ethereal beings. Negative effects can include fear, panic, disorientation, non-responsiveness. Nausea can occur but is rare.

DURATION: The effects of NN-DMT will come on within 30 seconds of being inhaled, and will be about 10-20 minutes in duration. Mild after-effects may linger for up to 30 minutes.

VAPE CARTRIDGES: The small cartridge contains 300mg NN-DMT in a 0.5ml cartridge. This is about 10 strong doses. The large contains 700mg NN-DMT in a 1ml cartridge, which is about 23 strong doses.

DOSING GUIDE: Generally speaking, 5-10mg is a low threshold dose, 15-25mg is a midrange dose, and 30-40mg is a full psychedelic dose.

USAGE GUIDE: To inhale NN-DMT, set the vape pen to the highest heat setting. The pen will deliver about 0.8mg per second of inhalation.

10 seconds = 8mg = low dose
25 seconds = 20mg = medium dose
40 seconds = 32mg = strong dose

These are approximations. It is always best to start low and go slow.

This is 500mg of pure NN-DMT powder. Be aware that the DMT is more difficult ro use properly in this form. The powder should not be directly exposed to flame or it will melt and catch on fire. This is best used with a type of clean glass pipe that allows the glass to be heated enough to vaporize the DMT without burning it. Using pure DMT powder allows for a faster come-on and more of a “rush” feeling, which is not always the best for first-time users.